Learning processes in digital environments

Autor(es) Sanna Ruhalahti
Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto
Coordenação de mesa Damione Damito
Macrotema Educação e Tecnologias
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Horário 05/06/2017, 16:00/17:30
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Interactive environments and mobile applications. Dialogical and collaborative knowledge construction in open learning environments.


Sanna Ruhalahti

M.A. works as a Teacher Educator at the HAMK, School of Professional Teacher Education. For years, she has been a pioneer of online teaching in vocational education and training. In recent years, she has developed a strong focus on the use of social media and mobile devices in teaching in addition to online pedagogy. Her particular areas of interest include online and mobile environments that enrich teaching, guidance and counselling and individualisation of learning. Her ongoing doctoral studies at University of Lapland are focusing on authentic, dialogical and collaborative knowledge construction in open learning environments (incl. MOOCs, mobiles, OERs). http://sannaruhalahti.blogspot.fi/p/cv_1.html

Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto

D.Sc. Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto works as a principal lecturer in e-learning and international affairs at the Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education in Finland. She graduated from Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University) in 2007, where she worked several years as a researcher and a project manager in e-learning. Her major in doctoral studies was interactive environments and mobile applications. Her doctoral thesis focused on the use of interactive digital television in learning context. She has over 20 years of teaching experience, 15 years of RDI experience in e-learning and educational technology and over 10 years of experience in teacher training. In addition to doing education export business in Saudi Arabia, she has worked as a lead expert in the e-learning programmes she has designed for international and national clients.  During the last years, she has had an opportunity to teach university teachers from ten different Saudi universities. She has also been in charge of “Foundations of E-learning in the 21st century learning” program, in which about 60 Brazilian vocational teachers have studied. She has also had research collaboration with Brazilian and Japanese professors. Her recent e-learning RDI has been about the following topics: personalized learning paths, collaborative learning space, reflection space in assessment, and videos and podcasts in learning. In addition to those, she has also conducted research in Dialogue Design System and boost of graduation. Her expertise areas are e-learning, mobile learning, learning via iDTV, social media in learning context and teacher training.